best coast – “fear of my identity” b/w “who have i become”

fear of my identityas you probably know from reading my blog over the past week, best coast put out a new 7″ exclusively for record store day, and i was pretty excited about it.  i woke up at 7:30 on saturday morning, drove to my local record store, and made a beeline for the table that held all of the singles.  while other people clamored for linkin park and dazed & confused reissues, i held tight to my little best coast 7″, waiting in the long line for the check-out counter before finally getting back home to listen to it.

the a-side, “fear of my identity,” is a pretty straight-forward song that buzzes along on three simple chords and finds bethany cosentino reverting to the aesthetic of the band’s early singles and debut album while retaining the relative levels of maturity reached with last year’s the only place.  it’s also kind of cool to know that cosentino’s dad plays drums on both sides of the 7″, one of the ultimate signs of respect someone can show a parent who undoubtedly shaped a musical identity.

despite being on the flip side, “who have i become” is the better of the two songs on best coast’s new 7″.  the track kicks off with a catchy lead guitar line from bobb bruno, and the cheerful pop melodies never subside until the end.  periodic shifts to a half-time feel insert a hint of heaviness largely absent from best coast’s overall sound, but the duo snaps out of it so quickly that it almost appears to be an illusion.

“fear of my identity” b/w “who have i become” is a vinyl exclusive with no digital download code included, so i’ve only been able to enjoy the record on my turntable.  that’s how it should be.  maybe the band will offer up a download code sometime soon, and i’m guessing a digital version will be up on itunes in a month or so.  i’d probably shell out another two dollars so i can take these songs with me wherever i go.  they’re definitely worth it.



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