savages – “city’s full”

i’m not entirely sure what to make of savages just yet, but i like what i’ve heard so far.  the all-female post-punk quartet seem to be pitchfork’s latest buzz band due to all of the cultural quirks that surround them: gender, their dislike of cell phones and cameras at gigs, the intricate backstory of how they formed and quickly got the hook-ups to make it big in the industry.  as usual, the music itself takes somewhat of a backseat in all of this discussion, which is a shame because it’s incredibly well crafted.

aesthetically, i for some reason compare savages to a curious amalgamation of the cranberries and joy division, although there are certainly other musical aspects at work.  their post-punk is more aggressive and modern than that of the progenitors that i compared them to, and there are elements of heavy metal that continuously creep up on various songs, making that genre a relative influence.  silence yourself is another brilliant record amidst a month full to the brim of promising and immensely satisfying releases.  with my semester winding down and other albums on my plate, i don’t have time to adequately review savages’ debut effort, but it’s definitely worth multiple listens.  to tempt you, here’s an awesome live rendition of the standout track “city’s full.”


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