thank you

dimestore saints turns one year old next week.  a project that started out as a mere extension of a failed tumblr blog has blossomed into something that is read by people in multiple countries on a daily basis; i couldn’t be more surprised or more humbled.  writing about music is one of the few things in life that i truly enjoy, and running dimestore saints has given me the experience of managing every aspect of an operation.  the skills i gained from writing for playground misnomer transferred over quite nicely, and i was quickly able to find my own niche and areas of focus.

while i could toot my own horn about how hard i’ve worked over the past year, the reality is that none of this would mean anything without a loyal following and substantial readership.  i’d like to extend my endless gratitude to the 400 people who subscribe to dimestore saints, whether it be directly through wordpress, or through tumblr, facebook, or even good old-fashioned e-mail (hi dad!).  your feedback and interest gives me the fuel to keep writing.

i’d be remiss not to mention the impact of the various artists i’ve interacted with this year.  milo has driven damn-near a tenth of this blog’s viewership, mostly due to his enthusiastic retweets and shares on facebook.  my interest in milo’s music also led me to reconnect with an old high school friend – his producer riley lake – and exposed me to safari al’s side project mantras.  interviews really picked up in the latter half of 2013; i’d like to again thank ken from little kid, jack from western lows, lauren from september girls, and james from dream shake for their time and good-natured attitudes.  sarah from keep shelly in athens gets her own special shout-out, not only for a great interview but for being one of the nicest people i’ve encountered on twitter this year.  i hope we get to catch up at a show someday.

finally, i’d like to say a big old thank you to all of the bands and artists that personally sent me their material over the course of this year.  i tried to listen to as much of it as i could, and hopefully i’ll have more time to sift through emails over my winter break.  i got turned on to some great artists like dark furs and bambi through this process, and i’m hoping for a continuation in 2014.

i’m excited for dimestore saints to be heading into its second year, mostly because i have no idea what that second year will entail.  i’m back writing for playground misnomer as well, so 2014 will probably see me juggling a fair amount of content.  a new string of interviews for dimestore saints is in the process of being lined up, and i’m ready to hit the ground running with some great upcoming releases from some of my favorite bands.  thank you, again and again, to anyone and everyone who stopped by this year to read an article.  i hope you come back sometime soon.




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