watch the music video for vince staples’ “nate”

at the ripe young age of twenty, los angeles rapper vince staples has already made quite a name for himself.  he’s been a long-time affiliate of odd future – although he’s not an official member – and his guest verses on both earl sweatshirt full-lengths highlight his signature, nasally delivery.  adept as a wordsmith and an advocate of leaning heavily on the back of a beat, staples finally came into his own with shyne coldchain vol. 2, his latest mixtape that dropped in march.  the ten tracks are brief, but there’s still a lot to unpack.  the centerpiece of the mixtape is “nate”; staples chose it as his lead single, and it’s based around a lazy, horn-heavy beat that feels a bit nostalgic.  the feel of yesteryear seems appropriate, as staples reminisces about idolizing his drug-dealing father throughout his childhood.  “nate” comes with a music video, a wordless endeavor of a young kid unfazed by the domestic violence that surrounds his daily life.  it’s an important track with an important visual counterpart, and we’ve snoozed on it for a bit too long here at dimestore saints.  check it out below.


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