thank you: a letter from the editor

well, shit.  dimestore saints turns two today, and looking back at the past twelve months feels pretty good overall.  in a year marked by extreme changes in my personal life, this website kept me grounded, gave me something to work on and improve on a daily basis.  isn’t that kind of silly?  but it’s true; from tracking the rise of orchid tapes to devoting six-week chunks to critical album dissection, dimestore saints kept me busy.  so busy, in fact, that i tried to trick you all into thinking this website is run by a collective of people.  all i did was drop the first-person references from my posts, and it kind of snowballed from there.  but it’s still just me, listening and compiling and posting on my own, and it will probably stay that way for as long as possible.

that being said, there are a few people who were incredibly kind and supportive of this endeavor throughout 2014, and i would be remiss not to give them a shout out.  the folks who run orchid tapes and those directly affiliated with the label have been so receptive of my unsolicited coverage of their output this year, and i’ve enjoyed interacting with a group of people who breathe positivity and originality into a music industry inundated with a lot of bullshit and opportunists.  my buddy steven, who runs the ever-wonderful heartbreaking bravery, has also been incredibly supportive, from driving social media presence to forwarding me music to just generally being a pal.  thanks, steven.

it was incredibly difficult to leave eau claire, wisconsin – my home for four years and the birthplace of this website – but the support of dimestore saints by that town’s music scene has been invaluable, and receiving new music and inquiries after leaving has helped me hang on to at least some of that connection.  eau claire was also the common denominator in expanding my freelancing gigs; you might have noticed my byline on sites like hearing gold, bearded gentleman music, and no fear of pop this fall, ones which probably wouldn’t exist without the kindness of fellow eau claire ex-pat johanne swanson, who brought me on board no fear of pop and gave me the courage/confidence to reach out to other blogs.  if 2013 was my year of honing writing skills, 2014 was my year of networking and finding like-minded journalists and music enthusiasts around the country and across the pond.

i’d also like to extend gratitude to every artist who has submitted music to dimestore saints over the past year, be it personally or through a pr firm.  i do my best to get my ears on every track that comes my way, and i’m always overjoyed when something completely out of the blue completely floors me.  please keep doing things like that.

as 2014 sputters to a complete halt, i’ll be spending time with friends and relatives that i haven’t seen in months and consequently don’t plan on posting much in the way of content on dimestore saints.  come january 1st, however, we’re back in business.  i’ve already detailed a handful of albums that are highly anticipated, and with that territory comes the inevitability of countless other strong musical offerings.  look for improvements on existing segments, the addition of new recurring articles, and even more long-form pieces than last year.  i’m excited for 2015; i hope y’all are too.  as always, i can’t stress how grateful i am to each and every one of you for reading this blog, for sharing it with your friends, and for engaging in discourse.  i strive to leave a lasting impression with each post, and your collective encouragement is what keeps this site going.  thank you.



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