watch the music video for heems’ “sometimes”

heems’ commendable solo album eat pray thug got a bit lost in the subsequent shuffle of unexpected, high-profile releases from the likes of kendrick lamar and earl sweatshirt, but that doesn’t detract from its importance in the hip-hop landscape of 2015.  heems spends much of the album exploring what it’s like to be brown in post-9/11 america, so it feels appropriate that the music video for its lead single, “sometimes,” also centers around race and skin color, albeit in a more comedic form.  heems dons the role of an infomercial love guru who peddles a skin-whitening paste to disillusioned late-night viewers.  unfortunately his product has disastrous results for eric andre, who eventually finds himself in a wordless romantic competition with hannibal buress.  watch the video below.


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