watch the music video for elvis depressedly’s “thou shall not murder”

from a purely auditory stance, elvis depressedly’s “thou shall not murder” is already an impressive track.  mat cothran’s distinctive warble sits atop a simple, beautiful arrangement of acoustic guitar chords, faint keyboards, and harmonic support from a mournful cello line, a collective timbre that lends itself well to the weight of the song’s obvious biblical references.  the theme of death is something that has permeated cothran’s work throughout his career, a fact that director micah van hove acknowledges when describing the premise of the song’s music video: “the words and melodies on new alhambra are bathing in a sense of reclaimed innocence that compelled me to explore how a child internalizes the notion of death for the first time.”  indeed, van hove’s interpretation of “thou shall not murder” is a powerful visual supplement, rewinding a young boy’s life to the origin of an undoubtedly traumatic experience.  new alhambra is out may 12th via run for cover records; watch the video for “thou shall not murder” below.


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