watch the music video for isaac vallentin’s “stewardess”

isaac vallentin has released music with pony girl and under the pseudonym josef pollock, but the ottawa-based singer-songwriter has never explicitly attached his name to a project until this year.  hedera, vallentin’s debut full-length, dropped independently last friday; it’s a thirteen-track exercise in filtering organic instrumentation through an electronic lens, with vallentin effortlessly superimposing shuddering bass lines and steady synth arpeggios over his home-recorded guitar and vocal tracks.

one of the album’s strongest tracks, and its clearest proponent of vallentin’s aesthetic, is “stewardess.”  polyrhythms quickly manifest and are further solidified when the bass drops, but the instrumentation ultimately bows to vallentin’s first powerful lyrical turn, delivered in a soothing baritone.  the principal single from hedera preceded the album’s release with a jarring music video.  its two characters convey the song’s dialogue through interpretative dance and the minimal use of props, resulting in a cathartic experience that becomes more apparent with each viewing.  you can stream and download hedera here; watch the video for “stewardess” below.


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