premiere – canopy hands

– featured image courtesy of verónica von rathonyi gómez –

canopy hands hail from myrtle beach, south carolina, though if you have any preconceived notions about what coastal pop music should sound like, it’s best to check them at the door.  the quartet uses jangly guitars as a touchstone of their aesthetic, to be sure, but equally prominent are robust bass lines, polyrhythmic drum beats, intermittent synth warbles, and thomas hickman’s lax vocal melodies.  the band aptly refers to this deeply-nuanced composite of sounds as texture pop, and it heavily informs their new ep, whelm, out digitally tomorrow and on cassette sometime in july via vacant magic’s nascent tape label.

the closing number on whelm is “lancer,” a formidable whirlwind of a track that premieres here on the dimestore today.  hickman’s vocals are noticeably more fragile from the outset, perhaps a nod to the vulnerability and the state of uncertainty that pervade his lyrics, but it’s the persistent tandem of bass and drums that ultimately dictate the direction of “lancer,” thundering towards an apex of guitars and fleeting synth figures that feels certifiably majestic, if only for a moment.  take a listen below.


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