oyster kids – “gum (everybody’s my friend)”

– featured image courtesy of blake zimmerman –

los angeles duo oyster kids let their confident pop sensibilities do most of the talking.  biographical information on the pair is scant, but the magnitude of their output thus far is hard to ignore; singles “creepy” and “lips” both materialized as the yearly calendar was shifting, and each explored the juxtaposition of ominous and anthemic in slightly different ways while still ultimately yielding a sharp, fully-realized end result.

yesterday, oyster kids returned with their third single.  “gum (everybody’s my friend)” aesthetically bowls down the middle of its predecessors; the song’s peaks and valleys are a bit more streamlined this time around, and the darker undertones are certainly more covert.  rather than setting the moody titularly or via a specific timbre, the duo house a sense of debauchery in the simple commands of the song’s hook, crafting an understated breed of anthem via repetition.  take a listen to “gum” below.


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