premiere – pastel

– featured image courtesy of the artist – 

last summer saw the release of pastel’s absent, just dust, a powerful five-track extended play that allowed gabriel brenner to explore the concept of native erasure from both a familial and a personal perspective.  at times heart-wrenching, at times introspective, and at times both, absent, just dust was a stark sonic departure from its predecessor, 2015’s comparatively soulful, pop-centric bone-weary.

to mark the holiday and to announce his showcase performance at sxsw next month, brenner is embarking on another about-face with “close,” a majestic one-off single.  cloaked in crystalline rolled piano chords that taper off with a chilly echo, “close” is a downright euphoric exploration of new romance, one that turns on the earnest vulnerability of brenner’s central query: “do you think about my body?”

“close” really blossoms into its refrain, the symphonic arrangement a byproduct of brenner’s catharsis.  juxtaposed with sparse, heartfelt verses powered by brenner’s commanding lead vocal, “close” is pastel in top form, a loud reminder of brenner’s prowess as a pop architect.  we’re thrilled to premiere the track today.

pastel will be performing during sxsw at the very jazzed/simpatico showcase on march 15th and will open for gus dapperton in houston on march 18th.  “close” is streaming below; experience it.


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