tomberlin – “seventeen”

– featured image courtesy of philip cosores – 

sarah beth tomberlin’s output under her surname yielded last year’s at weddings, a stunning collection of songs that examined vulnerability and youth through a sparse sonic lens.  on august 10th, saddle creek will reissue the album with three new tracks alongside its original seven.

one of those new tracks, “seventeen,” is a wistful, finger-picked love song, acoustic guitar arpeggios lilting in time with tomberlin’s lead vocal.  this particular love appears unrequited, as tomberlin searches for any shred of shared intimacy in questions like “my life has always been a kind of secret / can you keep it?” but is ultimately rebuffed, her sentiments lingering unchanged years later.

accompanying “seventeen” is an appropriately pastoral music video, filmed in rural stretches of southern illinois and featuring gorgeous slowed-down shots of tomberlin with her dog.  a new type of companionship surfaces in the visuals that is aching in its own regard – time with any beloved animal is fleeting – with the track’s orchestral swells contributing to its cinematic nature.  absorb the audio/visual presentation of “seventeen,” below.


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